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Delta Omicron

Our Purpose, Creed, Prayer, and Other Info

Our Purpose, Creed, Prayer, and Other Info
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Delta Omicron Purpose

Delta Omicron was founded to create and foster fellowship, to develop character, and to arouse and encourage the appreciation of good music and performance among musiciansduring their student days so that the highest degree of musicianship might be attained individually.

The Creed

This truth comes to us more and more, the longer we live, that in what field, or in what uniform, or with what aims we do our duty matters very little; or evendid or obscure, only to find our duty, certainly and somewhere, somehow to do it faithfully, makes us good, strong, happy, and useful, and tunes our lives into some feeble echo of the life of God.
                                                        ---Phillip Brooks

The Prayer

This prayer was written in 1909 by Ethel Cox Stewart of Alpha Chapter and was later set to music by Edwyl Redding f Omicron Chapter.
"O Lord, thy blessing now shed down
 Upon dear Delta Omicron;
 May all her ties and friendships be
 Strengthened and honored, Lord, by Thee. Amen."

The Open Motto

The open motto was written by Lenore Harpster Lutz, Epsilon Chapter, and a Past National President.
"Continually striving, we attain."

The Flower

The flower of Delta Omicron is the Lil of the Valley

The Colors

The colors of Delta Omicron are ROSE and GREY

To find out more information check out the international Delta Omicron website